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Hunting history of Austria

It was about a thousand years ago that the name of our country was mentioned in a historical document for the first time.

The hunting history of Austria and it tradition reach far back in history; a tradition that we keep up as something precious inherited from our fathers.

Up to 1848, the year of the revolution, big game hunting was the exclusive privilege of the aristocracy.

Since then each citizen is allowed to practice hunting on the condition that he is a landowner, the renter of a hunting ground, or a hunting guest.

In any case Austrian hunters must be in possession of a hunting licence which is granted after passing a test.


Emperor Franz Joseph I. was a passionate hunter, too. He specially loved hunting in the Alpine mountains.


Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, the last heir to the throne, was Austria’s most successful hunter. Shortly after shooting his 5000th Red Stag he was the victim of an assassination in Sarajevo. This event ignited World War I.

We very much appreciate that we can offer our guests the chance to go hunting in areas that were frequented by the members of our last Emperor`s family.