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Checklist for hunting in Austria


  • Identity card or passport
  • Hunting permission of your home country
  • Euro firearm certificate or any customs form or any form which show you are the owner of the firearm (in case you travel with your own gun)
  • Airway ticket
  • Drivers licenses


Importing your own hunting rifle:

By air:
Check first with the airline the transport of weapons! Your firearm passport or any custom form which show you are the owner of the carried rifle together with your personal passport is indispensable.  Show these documents to the police officer on entry. There are no restrictions in regard to importing your hunting rifle to Austria.

By car:

In case of border control show your firearm passport or custom form and personal passport!

Carry ammunition and bolt separate from the gun. Keep the gun case locked!

Gun rental Service:

Our hunting weapons are from well-known manufacturers like Blaser, Steyr or Winchester mounted with high quality scopes such as Swarovski or Zeiss. Rental fee per day € 60,-.


Bring your hunting Outdoor Outfit  (water- and windproof) and good hunting boots with a hard sole. For winter add gloves, warm (down) Jacket and Cap. Backpack recommended with the appropriate private useful things for hunting.

Your professional hunter will have all necessary equipment for recovering the animal.


Most of our hunting area can be accessed by 4×4 cars followed by stalking or watching in blinds. We will ask during the booking process for your physical fitness or handicap.


For all unforeseen happenings on your travel (Accident, sickness, etc. ) we highly recommend  a appropriate insurance like  Global Rescue or Ripcord Travel Protection for example.

For cancellations reasons: European travel insurance or Travelex!

These are just recommendations, please feel free and use your favorite insurances!

Credit Cards

We accept for any balance Visa and Master Card! Please make in advance contact with your credit card company and inform them about your upcoming trip!

Please contact me concerning any other questions you may have about your hunting trip.