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Hunting in Austria

Best hunting conditions in Austria

Many of our international hunting guests have confirmed, Austria is one of the most hospitable hunting-countries in Europe. This is because many families are hunters and people learn to hunt from a young age. There are more than 130.000 hunters in Austria and hunting enjoys a good reputation in the community.

Both the owners of the hunting areas and the hunting instituions in Austria seek to model a good wildlife population and take care of our native wildlife species – capercaillie, black cock, roe deer, red deer, chamois, mouflon deer and alpine ibex.

These circumstances provide the best conditions to meet the needs of our customers and satisfy their hunting wishes.

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Female Hunters in Austria

The number of active female hunter is increasing annually. We welcome this development and the positive coverage of it in the media.

Women very quickly develop a unique passion for the game and nature that often differs from men during the hunt.

Hunting tradition in Austria

Hunting in Austria has a centuries old tradition that is still in practice in it’s original form:

Hunters in Austria have their own language. They use it always in hunter circles. Especially they say “Waidmannsheil” for welcoming, leaving and even if they have successfully hunted game.

Hunting clothes are in muted colors like dark green, brown and ocher. Quiet yet functional material is worn, both in the hunts as well as when the hunters come together. This of course includes the traditional hunting hat.

The most important thing is the reverence for the shot wild game. We respect and honor the game with the “last bite” and the shooter with the shooter “break”. We also honor the game by sounding the hunting horn and singing songs to the game and to other hunters.

Even the use of dogs for the tracking is very common.