About fly fishing in Austria

Fly fishing in pristine and rivers full of fish

For fly fishing we offer our guests a selection of the best salmonid rivers in Austria. We fish mainly in the natural and fish-rich rivers, such as the Ybbs, Salza, Erlauf and the various sections of the Traun.The stock is primarily  brown trout, rainbow trout and grayling – all in a rich number and good age structure!
Our accommodations for the fly fishermen and their companions are always in an easily accessible distance from the respective waters. Using a car is esssential.

The first guidance on arrival day or on the first fishing day provides you with the various sections of territory, the best fly fishing spots, and above the recommended fly rod and flies.

A diverse selection of water formations and  flows, guarantees the fishermen not only diversity, but also the security in the area of unsuitable weather conditions of the river – if desired – to be able to change.




Our partner hotels in different standards are situated along the river Ybbs, one is located on the way to the Salza river. Our apartment house for self catering is on the same direction 5 km after Göstling village. We can easily book individual accommodation for you on demand.

For wet equipment a drying room is available. A small “fly-fishing shop” is situated in Opponitz village – it belongs to Franz our supervisor for the Ybbs river. All required equipment can be ordered and delivered within 24 hours from a very good fly fishing product dealer.

For individual breakfast and dinner time may you organise it directly with your hosts. The same with other individual needs.

Each customer who visits us for the first time, will be introduced to the different sections and rivers on his first fly fishing day by a responsible person!

Petri Heil!